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You can pay for deposits, parts and additonal labour cost with our pay now button. Simply follow instructions from our engineer at your property or our office staff over the phone.

Please ensure you use the first box to enter the description of what you are paying for and the second box excluding the £ sign to enter the amount as advised by our staff.

Enter the service description here
Enter Amount do not include £ sign

This method of payment process is set out inline with the user agreement of paypal. This allows you the customer and our staff to ensure your payments have gone through as smoothly as possible.

This button should only been used to pay for services from your computer or phone as advised by our staff. We can not offer a refund unless you have been advised by our staff to use this method of payment. Please ensure once your payment is made you make a note of the transaction ID and give this to your engineer or our staff over the phone.

Please also ensure you enter your email address in order to recieve your receipt.

Thank you for your payment.

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