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Working with Glow Worm

Glow worm Flexicom 30 cx boiler repair.

Carried out diagnostic on boiler as a pressure in heating system, continuously falls. Found defective follow pipe insidfe boiler leaking.

Supplied and fitted follow hose with new spigots.

Working with Ideal

New Ideal logic combi 24kw boiler was installed in replacement of an ideal classic. The heating system required converting from an open vented system to an unvented. Removing the copper vessel and capping the cold water storage cistern in the loft.

Working with Heatrae sadia

Megaflo hot water cylinder repair

Found Air gap had gone in cylinder & Temp relief valve was discharging water. Replace valve & re-charged Cylinder.

Working with Vokera

Vokera mynute boiler Annaul check had been carried out. We found while the heating system was in operation, the expansion vessel need repressurising.

Working with Ferroli

Carried out boiler repair on Ferroli Optimax 38c, found low water pressure in heating system, repressurised and checked for leaks. The boiler had been installed on a heating system with old radiators, found a radiator was leaking on ground floor, the heating sysyem water quality was also very poor. Advised to flush heating system and raplace the leaking radiator.

Working with Vaillant

Valliant eco tec pro boiler repair, carried out Annual service check and found co/co2 ratio was over 0.060, tried to rest gas rate and check seals however, found seals to be sound and was unable to get ratio below 0.004. Spoke to tec carried out diagnostic and found faulty fan ( gas and air mix chamber). Supplied and fitted new fan after classifying the boiler as AR and isolating it from the gas supply. Found co/co2 ratio @ 0.001 after relpacing fan. Boiler was re enstated to gas supply and left safe to use.

Working with Worcester

Worcester Bosch Green star 25si boiler repair, Annual service was carried out it was found the that were several issues with the heating system. A discharge from the warning pipe of rusty water was present. It was found the prv and expansion vessel needed to be replaced. Supplied and fitted parts and boiler was left full functional, however it was advised that the heating system was power flushed to prevent issues in the future.

Working with Biasi

Working with Alpha

Annual Boiler Check carried out for an Alpha CD28C, the boilers gas rate was to high failing the flue analysis set the gas rate to around 28kw/hr after having done so the boilers flue analysis was below 0.002.

Working with Potterton

Potterton Performa 24 boiler repair,
Diagnostics had been carried out, it was found the miro switch requited replacing. Supplied and fitted new miroswitch, heating and hot water was left fully funtional and restored back to it’s original state of operation.

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